Anointing of the Sick

Sr. Maria Luisa Cardenas, Deacon Roberto Rodriguez or our priests are available to visit the homebound or hospitalized parishioners regularly.  If someone becomes ill,  please call Deacon Arnaldo Santos at 609-774-7555 or the Rectory Office for a priest at 856-691-9181.

The sacrament of the Sick is now available to anyone seeking to receive the spiritual or bodily healing of God that this Sacrament promises.  Anyone wishing to be anointed because they will be having an operation, or in advanced age may receive this Sacrament in a simple, quiet ceremony after any Mass on the weekend by speaking to one of the priests either during the week by phone or before the Mass they are attending. Anyone who has a family member who may wish to receive this sacrament of healing may bring them to Church too or, of course, call the rectory for the priest to visit them at home.